COVER DESIGN TIPS: Typography Part 2 of 4

The best way to talk about typography is not to talk about it 😉 This post is mostly filled with videos on what I’d like to share with you on the subject. When it comes to typography, I’m always learning, looking at, and unlearning things about typography. A strange, but sometimes necessary thing to do.


Ever heard of Kinetic Typography?

From Wikipedia: Kinetic typography—the technical name for “moving text”—is an animation technique mixing motion and text to express ideas using video animation. This text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion.


Typography can make or break a design. It has the power to transform the look ‘n feel of a book cover.

Here are a few examples of the same design – but using different typefaces.

[No imagery used intentionally because I want you to focus on the typeface itself.]

same cov- diff type styles-1

same cov- diff type styles-2

Although very subtle, each cover carries a different feel.

same cov- diff type styles-3

same cov- diff type styles-4

same cov- diff type styles-5

Here are a few websites you may want to bookmark…




For designers, buying font sets is an expensive route, but worth looking into as an investment, rather than money spent. It can be hard to save those pennies! but try to think of it as added value to your service… ie. once you have those pennies saved up 😉


Most days I Google search everything. This video – though not about typography – has the visual elements and honest motivation needed on most days!…

In case you can’t watch the video, here’s the list of 29 things to stay creative.

  1. Make lists
  2. Carry a notebook everywhere
  3. Try free writing
  4. Get away – from the computer
  5. Quit beating yourself up
  6. Take breaks
  7. Sing in the shower
  8. Drink coffee
  9. Listen to new music
  10. Be open
  11. Surround yourself with creative people
  12. Get feedback
  13. Collaborate
  14. Don’t give up
  15. Practice, practice, practice
  16. Allow yourself to make mistakes
  17. Go somewhere new
  18. Count your blessings
  19. Get lots of rest
  20. Take risks
  21. Break the rules
  22. Don’t force it
  23. Read a page of the dictionary (really?)
  24. Create a framework
  25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect
  26. Got an idea? Write it down
  27. Clean your workspace
  28. Have fun!
  29. Finish something



A brilliant video by Ira Glass on Storytelling. For writers and designers. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. I hope it’s exactly what you need to hear too…


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