My book about two questionable cats

Thought I’d share with you a little project I’ve created.


I’m working on a book about my two cats. Yep, a crazy idea… I know. It’s a personal project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Not a cat book though.

Somehow it became what it is now. I’ll be sharing a page or two every week, and I’d love to know what you think. Any tips, advice, insults or just a plain ‘Hi, keep at it!’, would be most appreciated. Working on a book from this perspective is unfamiliar to me. Usually I’m the one putting together things like this – not creating it. I don’t know exactly where it is going yet, or where this will end up. All I know – right now – is that I need to get this out my system – ever felt like that? And show it to the world (scary as that may be), finish it and start the next project.

I hope to see you visiting The Tail of Tales blog or facebook pg too 😉

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