My ball and chain

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My ball and chain

it gives me comfort;

makes me feel safe.

At times its heavy;

weighs me down.

But I drag it along

because I need it.

My ball and chain

brings false sense of happiness; false security.

This we do not see,

until we’ve created our own happiness.

Our own security.

That DAMN ball and chain…

I still need it.

I don’t want to need it.

How can I do without it? …Oh how.


Something to watch… Chip Kidd interviewing Neil Gaiman

I’m inspired by Neil Gaiman and the way he goes about his writing career. Chip Kidd is a graphic designer best known for his incredibly clever book cover designs.

In this video, Chip talks to Neil about his comic book career, his writing, and some other fun stories too! But I won’t say anymore. Watch it yourself. It’s a wonderful conversation about books  😉